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Feature: Blue Fire Blends Zelda, Dark Souls And Platforming

Feature: Blue Fire Blends Zelda, Dark Souls And Platforming
Cast your minds back to Nintendo's Indie World Showcase in March this year and you may well remember the intriguing reveal that kicked off the presentation. Blue Fire is a mysterious 3D combat platformer from Argentina-based Robi Studios which piqued our interest, although that initial trailer played its cards close to its chest. Fortunately, we're…

Cast your minds back to Nintendo’s Indie World Display in March this year and you may well keep in mind the intriguing reveal that began the discussion. Blue Fire is a strange 3D battle platformer from Argentina-based Robi Studios which stimulated our interest, although that initial trailer played its cards near to its chest.

Luckily, we’re now able to expose more about the game with some unique gameplay video footage (above) together with brand-new art and an interview with Santiago Rosa, Co-Lead at Robi Studios, that sheds some light on Blue Fire’s combat, affects and its reborn protagonist, Umbra.

The video game is set up for a Summer 2020 release as a timed Switch special, so let’s take a better look Blue Fire and the land of Penumbra …

Nintendo Life: Blue Fire began Nintendo’s Indie World Showcase back in March and provided us a glimpse of a 3D action platformer with great deals of air dashing, balancings and battle. Inform us a bit more about the land of Penumbra and what the video game has to do with.

Santiago Rosa, Co-Lead at Robi Studios: Penumbra is a desolate dream land with various regions, characters and much to explore and find. About the game’s story itself, we’ll just let on a bit on the basic background for players to start with, however our function is to make it so individuals get immersed on the planet and let their creativity run, putting small things together to make sense of the whole plot.

[Umbra is] a soulless being with an aggressive nature

Here’s an intro! After the fall of Penumbra, the land participated in a period of everlasting darkness. During this time the corruption, likewise referred to as the Black Shadow, breached the land and infect dominate as the main source of life. The Black Shadow had numerous effects throughout Penumbra and many dead and alive creatures were gradually corrupted by it ending up being Shadow Reborns, very powerful and devastating nature beings.

The diminutive fighter in the trailer appears to have ninja-like fight abilities and can definitely pass through the levels in design, however we do not understand much else at the minute. What can you tell us about the primary character and his capabilities?

Umbra, the main character in Blue Fire, is a fallen warrior of Penumbra that was reborn by the Black Shadow. He will engage with other animals in his mission, both uncorrupted animals along with shadow beings and spirits in search of self-empowerment to overcome more difficult obstacles as they appear.

He’s a soulless being with an aggressive nature.

In terms of art design, Umbra is a very elegant character.

How long has Blue Fire remained in advancement? Inform us a little about the team at Robi Studios and the genesis of the task.

Blue Fire was born about a year ago, offer or take. At that time, it was simply me and my brother Gabriel. We started pre-production for it while doing art outsourcing for other games and began to feel a terrific possible in the character, Umbra. Quickly we chose to go all-in. We stopped our outsourcing work and began getting our real group together. It’s been a number of months now with everybody completely committed to Blue Fire. We’re a strong team of 9 people continuously working to get Blue Fire up and running!

What video games would you say have influenced the group while developing Blue Fire?

That’s an excellent concern! Reality is, our group is a cool mix of people with various interests and tastes, and we have actually all played great deals of games throughout the years. I believe what’s great about this is we handled to get a blended feel in Blue Fire: from some Dark-Soulish interactions to A Hat in Time cuteness, with perhaps a Zelda base [laughs] And that’s where it gets intriguing, ’cause the game gets its own feel and takes life by itself, nurturing from numerous excellent sources of motivation.

we managed to get a blended feel in Blue Fire: from some Dark-Soulish interactions to A Hat in Time cuteness, with possibly a Zelda base [laughs]

From the percentage of gameplay footage we’ve seen so far, there appear to be great deals of high platforms and battle encounters. What sort of environments can we anticipate to go to in Penumbra? Will we be plummeting to our death a lot?

[laughs] Yes you probably will.

The PR discusses employer fights and we glimpsed some significant opponents in the reveal trailer. What can you inform us about them? Will we be dealing with a ‘huge bad’ at the end of every level?

There are certainly huge guys you’ll have to face, however I don’t want to spoil excessive about it now, though I will tell you, you will be battling in mid air and it’ll get pretty hard!

What game engine are you using for Blue Fire? Tell us about a few of the difficulties you have actually faced bringing the video game to Switch.

We utilize Unreal Engine 4 for Blue Fire, and it’s given us lots of versatility all around. Change porting was a target for us from early on, however nevertheless, there’s lots of technical aspects we’re adjusting to make the game run as smooth as we can. We’re truly stoked to have Blue Fire working on Switch!

Umbra Screenshot (6)

How has the international COVID-19 pandemic affected the team and advancement? Is there anything that has particularly amazed you about the circumstance (from a work viewpoint)– favorable or unfavorable?

To be truthful, initially we were kind of delighted to have a reason to lock ourselves up in your home and work non-stop ’till we got Blue Fire completed. Designers might relate [laughs] It was clearly not as simple as we thought. We’ve worked loads and have actually remained really inspired, but nonetheless, there are many aspects of remote work that we’ve needed to fix and therefore find new workflows for content development and application. Since right now, we have daily and weekly calls and e-meetings to optimize our time and make sure everyone stays on track with advancement and the vision for the complete game.

However, as the weeks went on, we recognized that despite the fact that we have great deals of “complimentary” time on our hands, working from another location isn’t that easy. Our team is pretty tight, and beside missing out on laughing and goofing around at the office, live feedback is something we truly need at this moment of development. Putting environments together and starting to close the video game up would be a lot simpler to do with everybody being side by side.

Exists anything else you wish to share about the game?

We’ll be sharing more information in the future and you can follow us on Twitter to find out our reveals.

Finally, what other Change video games has the team been enjoying when it hasn’t had its nose to the grindstone with Blue Fire?

Well, we’ve played lots of Mario Odyssey, Zelda: Breath of the Wild, Splatoon, and numerous indie titles. We also have great deals of fun with Super Smash Bros. at the office, we’ve had some quite strong battles.

Our thanks to Santiago. Blue Fire is arranged for a Summer 2020 release on Change. As you can see from the footage and gameplay gifs above, it definitely looks appealing. We’ll be keeping a close eye on this and look forward to sizing it up this summer season. Until then, let us understand your impressions of Blue Fire below.

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