December 9, 2021

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US targets Huawei with tighter chip export rules

US targets Huawei with tighter chip export rules
Image copyright Reuters The US has announced new export controls aimed at limiting Chinese technology giant Huawei's access to semiconductor technology. The new rule bars semiconductor-makers that use US technology and software in chip design from shipping to Huawei without US government permission.It is the latest US action to target Huawei, which US officials view…

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The brand-new rule bars semiconductor-makers that utilize US innovation and software application in chip design from delivering to Huawei without US government approval.

US Commerce Department Secretary Wilbur Ross stated that those efforts were “still reliant on United States technologies”, and implicated Huawei of taking steps “to weaken” earlier export controls.

Likewise on Friday, the United States extended waivers that allow US business, many of them rural web suppliers, to utilize some kinds of Huawei innovation for another 90 days.

Making life challenging

As well as putting pressure on its microchip service, the United States trade blacklist has actually made life really hard for Huawei’s mobile phone company. Its App Gallery is missing out on a bulk of the most-popular apps discovered on Android in the UK and United States. It looks nearly just like the original P30 Pro, which was launched before the United States trade blacklist.

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