December 6, 2021

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UK coronavirus LIVE: Death toll jumps by 155 as Boris Johnson reveals post-lockdown healing plan in major speech

UK coronavirus LIVE: Death toll jumps by 155 as Boris Johnson reveals post-lockdown healing plan in major speech
The latest headlines in your inbox twice a day Monday - Friday plus breaking news updates One hundred days after restrictions came into force across the UK, Boris Johnson will face a fresh grilling over the Government's reimposition of lockdown measures in Leicester. Ministers are facing questions over whether they were too slow to act…

The current headings in your inbox twice a day Monday – Friday plus breaking news updates

One hundred days after constraints came into force across the UK, Boris Johnson will face a fresh grilling over the Government’s reimposition of lockdown measures in Leicester

Ministers are dealing with questions over whether they were too slow to act following a flare up in the east Midlands city, which has actually been put into lockdown after 866 new cases of coronavirus were reported in the city in simply 2 weeks. Leicester mayor Sir Peter Soulsby recommended the brand-new lockdown should have been generated much sooner, while MPs stated lessons should be learned.

Labour leader Sir Keir Starmer – who faces Mr Johnson in the Commons at Prime Minister’s Concerns later today – said individuals in Leicester were “sobbing out” for responses.

Meanwhile, researchers have warned of more local lockdowns in parts of Kent, London, north Wales and Scotland, where weekly infections have been increasing. “I am expecting there to be a variety of Leicesters,” said Prof Deenan Pillay, a virologist at UCL and member of Sage told the Guardian.

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Amsterdam’s traffic signal district resumes with Covid-19 preventative measures in place …

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Firms need to comply to make sure access to coronavirus treatments

Service minister Nadhim Zahawi said Governments and firms must comply to make sure access to coronavirus treatments.

Donald Trump’s administration in the US has actually bought up essentially all stocks for the next 3 months of remdesivir, a drug shown to work against Covid-19

Mr Zahawi said the UK had “rightly” stockpiled dexamethasone, another drug which has actually proven efficient in the most seriously ill Covid-19 patients, however suggested cooperation instead of competitors was the way forward.

” We intentionally ensured that we had sufficient stock of dexamethasone, appropriately so,” he said.

” But we also wish to cooperate because the best result for the whole world is that we work together.”

He highlighted deals struck by AstraZeneca to supply a vaccine all over the world if the Oxford group’s work is successful.

” By attempting to compete, I believe we ultimately undermine all of our methods,” he said. “Better to work together than to work to undermine each other.”

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Coronavirus pandemic ‘far from over’ as leading researcher implicates UK of being ‘relatively blind’ to infection spread at start of break out.

2020-07-01 T08: 31: 57.376 Z

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Sadiq Khan alerts London at threat of ‘fatal second wave’ of coronavirus infections …

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Eurostar to resume Netherlands path next week and Disneyland path on August 2 …

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A message from Tom Hanks …

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Turkey expects countries to form air corridors to exempt tourists from quarantine

Turkey’s ambassador to the UK said he is expecting the nations to form an air corridor excusing tourists from quarantines.

Umit Yalcin informed BBC Radio 4’s Today program: “I’m optimistic due to the fact that we are expecting to be consisted of in that list due to the fact that, scientifically, the realities and figures ought to talk and the numbers related to corona for Turkey is extremely low.

” All the numbers fairly and comparatively with other countries are really low, especially in touristic locations in the Aegean and Mediterranean coast the numbers are no.

2020-07-01 T07: 58: 27.476 Z

Some Leicester factories remained open throughout Covid-19 lockdown, report claims …

2020-07-01 T07: 43: 15.863 Z

Pandemic ‘far from over’, scientist cautions

Imperial College London’s Professor Neil Ferguson, who utilized to encourage the Government, stated there is an “impression out there that we are past the worst” and warned that “this is far from over”.

” I would say, before we make worldwide comparisons though, simply bear in mind we are still extremely early into this pandemic– there’s a bit of an illusion out there that in some way we are past the worst.

” In this country we have actually most likely had no more than 8%of the population contaminated.

2020-07-01 T07: 37: 14.853 Z

Bradford and Doncaster ‘clearly of concern’ over high coronavirus cases

A key researcher in the coronavirus reaction warned that Bradford and Doncaster are “clearly of concern”, with high rates of coronavirus.

2020-07-01 T07: 28: 29.880 Z

Czechs hold ‘farewell celebration’ for coronavirus pandemic as hundreds gather in Prague …

2020-07-01 T07: 16: 11.403 Z

United States buys up essentially all stocks of anti-viral drug remdesivir

The Trump administration has bought up virtually all stocks for the next 3 months of a drug shown to work versus Covid-19

The United States Department of Health and Human Provider (HSS) said it had actually secured more than 500,000 treatment courses of remdesivir for American health centers.

2020-07-01 T06: 54: 23.680 Z

More regional lockdowns should be expected, researcher cautions

A researcher advising the Government on the coronavirus response cautioned that more local lockdowns ought to be expected.

Oxford University’s Teacher Peter Horby, who chairs the new and emerging respiratory infection risks advisory group (Nervtag), was asked on BBC Radio 4’s Today programme if the general public need to brace for more regional outbreaks.

” Unfortunately I believe we should. We have actually seen the epidemic is focal, which is frequently the case, it’s not the very same in all locations,” he said.

” And we saw that London unfortunately led the way in the UK and now Leicester is regrettably leading the way and we can anticipate more of that, so I believe there will need to be regional actions to regional outbreaks.”

2020-07-01 T06: 46: 28.956 Z

Health authorities ‘battling’ to get regional testing information, Labour MP says

Labour MP Yvette Cooper tweeted that health authorities in her constituency in Wakefield, West Yorkshire, had been trying to get hold of regional Pillar 2 screening data– the results from swab tests of the wider population– but had actually not been able to.

She tweeted: “Our local public health teams, council, NHS medical professionals & managers in Wakefield have actually had to combat for months to try to get this data.

” The concept this might have been Ministerial option rather than failure of competence is even more stunning.

2020-07-01 T06: 41: 56.953 Z

People of Leicester ‘just desire clearness’ over return of lockdown steps

Shadow health secretary Jonathan Ashworth said people in Leicester “simply want clarity” over the return of tighter lockdown steps for the city.

The Labour MP for Leicester South informed ITV’s Great Early morning Britain on Wednesday that people were “really worried” about what the modifications will mean for their kids and companies.

He said: “I don’t think it’s fair to individuals of Leicester to reveal at an interview on a Thursday afternoon that Leicester has a problem, but then actually take 11 days to tell Leicester that they are going into lockdown and what they are going to do about it.

” Individuals are actually worried in Leicester, individuals are going to be anxious. People who are shielding are very, very frightened.

” Individuals who were preparing to get their companies open this Saturday are desperately worried about their incomes and what happens next with the economy.

” And every moms and dad in Leicester is worried about the security of their children certainly, but is also deeply concerned about their children losing out on more education.”

2020-07-01 T06: 31: 26.800 Z

US buying up stocks of coronavirus drug ‘raises issues’

A researcher recommending the Federal government stated that the US buying up stocks of coronavirus drug remdesivir raises issues.

” It does raise two extremely crucial concerns: what is a fair cost for a drug and what is reasonable access to a drug, and those are common problems however are particularly crucial in a global crisis like this,” he told BBC Radio 4’s Today programme.

” That’s part of the reasonable access question, the trial that gave the result that permitted remdesivir to offer their drug wasn’t simply done in the US, there were clients taking part through other European countries, in the UK as well, and globally, Mexico and other places.

2020-07-01 T06: 30: 24.783 Z

Eurostar to reboot Amsterdam and Disneyland Paris paths

Eurostar is set to restart direct services from London to Amsterdam and Disneyland Paris in the coming weeks.

The cross-Channel train operator revealed it will resume its Anglo-Dutch path from July 9.

Although direct services will go to the Netherlands, guests taking a trip in the reverse direction will need to change trains in Brussels, where passport checks and security screening will be carried out.

Eurostar will restart its services to Disneyland Paris from August 2.

The company said all travellers need to wear a face mask as part of extra hygiene measures.

Passengers will be seated “at a safe distance apart” and trains will be “deep-cleaned” prior to every journey.

2020-07-01 T06: 19: 32.720 Z

Sainsbury’s see sales rise as lockdown increases supermarkets …

2020-07-01 T06: 16: 01.346 Z

Leading doctors are contacting the Government to assist in saving more lives by supplying local authorities with accurate and updated information on spikes in coronavirus cases in their areas …

2020-07-01 T06: 11: 04.766 Z

Just in: Upper Crust owner SSP has actually stated as much as 5,000 jobs are under threat as it shakes up the group following plunging passenger numbers at train stations and airports due to the coronavirus pandemic.

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