May 20, 2022

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Male City welcome your ‘mean-spirited apologies’ in a Mailbox unique …

Male City welcome your ‘mean-spirited apologies’ in a Mailbox unique …
Get your mails on Man City and anything else in to… Justification… UEFA, Javier Tebas, Juventus, PSG, Everton, Leicester, Bayern Munich, Barcelona, Man United, Rick Parry, Andrew Gill, Wolves, Real Madrid, Tottenham Hotspur, Arsenal, Chelsea, Jose Mourinho, Liverpool… …YOUR BOYS TOOK ONE HELL OF A BEATING ! HAHAHAHAHA! Now, if you could form an…

Get your mails on Male City and anything else in to theeditor@football365 com …

Reason …

UEFA, Javier Tebas, Juventus, PSG, Everton, Leicester, Bayern Munich, Barcelona, Guy United, Rick Parry, Andrew Gill, Wolves, Real Madrid, Tottenham Hotspur, Toolbox, Chelsea, Jose Mourinho, Liverpool …


Now, if you might form an orderly queue to release your snivelling, self-interested, mean spirited apologies, that would be just tickety boo, thank you.

Just attempting to assist

Levenshulme Blue, Manchester19

No consequences for those with the cash

Welp after that CAS ruling I suggest we all just hand over our clubs to dictators from aound the world with infinite cash to invest, if we desire our clubs to be able to contend. City and PSG distorted football completely and they face no effects for it.

Sid, LFC

I make certain there’s more nuance to it than this, however this is my understanding of the circumstance: State I (UEFA) choose to have a houseparty and just invite individuals that have not been a jerk (Financial Fair Play), however I tell this one man (City) that he’s not welcomed due to the fact that frankly they have actually been a bit of a jerk. This individual then goes to the police (CAS) to say this isn’t reasonable, so the cops pertain to my home and tell me I NEED TO permit this individual into my party regardless.

So essentially I have no control over who pertains to my houseparty?

Hats off to the jerk I suppose, they have actually made a complete mockery of my choice requirements (Financial Fair Play) for who was invited, and have now made themselves comfy in my home and I relatively can’t tell them to leave.

Actually no one comes out looking great from this.

Chris, Barnet

I’m a Manchester United advocate. I may as well get that out there from the start. I truly do not care if joined were leading of the league or bottom of the championship regarding this. It has absolutely no to do with the champs league certification scenario, that will look after itself. This choice for man City has actually immediately increased my hatred of city by 2000%. The outright breaking of the rules, the entitlement and the arrogance.

The ability to do what they did and get caught doing it, and still get away with it. I feel sorry for genuine city fans in a way.

Edwin Ambrose

So with City overturning their restriction however still getting a fine I presume they have still been condemned?

If that holds true then honestly what is point of FFP guidelines if you just get a fine which implies absolutely nothing as someone is pumping money into the club?

I truthfully don’t get this at all and hope your website can explain it in some way, I ‘d anticipated either they ‘d be cleared or they would get a restriction of some sorts so this makes little sense


Appears money can purchase you anything, football is corrupt at the greatest level City have shown if you’re rich enough and toss enough of a temper tantrum and threaten then you can get away with anything.

Paul Murphy, Manchester

Well that was a surprise wasn’t it?

P (Champions) J, Speke

Definitely no surprise at the inevitable overturning of the Manchester City euro restriction.

Joe Donohoe

In a world run by racists, despots and phonies, we need to not be surprised that cheats are permitted to succeed in our sport. Simply another one in the eye for the typical joe.

Mark, LFC, Hong Kong

Since city blocked the investigation effectively they concealed adequate evidence to not get the punishment for breaking the rules even though everybody understands they did.

Rob, LFC


Football is broken

Hugh, Cork/Dublin


‘ Hello’ (to a train conductor) ‘Here is my ticket’.

‘ That’s not eligible for this train’.

‘ You must leave this train instantly, and pay a ₤1000 fine’.

‘ I see’.

has a quick discussion with an oily looking man sitting next to me about

what we can do about this *

‘ Is it eligible now?’

conductor scrutinises my argument, which has been me waving my hands around in a stylish, snake-like method *

‘ Yes, it’s totally in keeping with what the guidelines are, and it was an error to consider it as otherwise provided the body of evidence you have presented.’

‘ Great, I’ll stay on this train then.’

‘ OK. The fine is still ₤1000’

Makes good sense.

Toby Sprigings

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