June 29, 2022

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Duncan Is An Unflinching Picture of a Pizzagater

In 2016, a heavily armed North Carolina man barged into a Washington, DC-area pizza joint, intending to investigate a baseless conspiracy theory that it was secretly torturing children in a basement it didn’t actually have. Shots were fired and panic ensued, but no one was physically harmed. Improbably, those real-life events are now the subject…

Go Into Duncan , an indie horror-comedy movie that takes its inspiration from the Pizzagate occurrence and, more broadly, growing conspiracism throughout the U.S. in current years.

As it turns out, Duncan isn’t truly about secret pizza abuse chambers at all, rather utilizing an imaginary version of Pizzagate as a launching point to check out the hazardous frame of mind of conspiracy theorists.

Duncan does not have a release date yet, however Valley says he is exploring distribution options and is hoping to have it available for audiences in2020

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