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Trump news– live: President declares ‘protective radiance’ of immunity from Covid as Biden holds double-digit survey lead

As it happenedended1602412104Trump claims he has 'protective glow' and is 'immune' from CovidDonald Trump has told Fox News that he is now ‘immune’ from Covid after his recovery — despite multiple recorded cases around the world of re-infection.Twitter has flagged a tweet from the president claiming his immunity and that he cannot infect other people.…

As it happened ended


Trump claims he has ‘protective glow’ and is ‘immune’ from Covid

Donald Trump has informed Fox News that he is now ‘immune’ from Covid after his healing– despite several recorded cases all over the world of re-infection.

Twitter has flagged a tweet from the president declaring his resistance and that he can not contaminate other people. The tech giant has stated the tweet breaks its terms of service with regard to users posting false information about coronavirus.

Meanwhile Dr Fauci has hit out after a clip of him was utilized in a Trump project commercial without his approval.

Follow the day’s occasions around the White Home and on the project trail as they happened.


Good morning and welcome to The Independent‘s live protection of the Trump administration.

Chiara Giordano11 October 2020 11: 28


Trump has given an address to a packed rally outside the White House in his very first public appearance since being treated for coronavirus in healthcare facility.

Hundreds turned out for the occasion however many failed to socially distance – and the president removed his mask to begin speaking shortly after appearing on a balcony.

Chiara Giordano11 October 2020 11: 30


Trump’s physician has claimed the president is no longer at danger of transferring the coronavirus.

He is stated to meet the Centres for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC) requirements for securely ceasing seclusion which by “currently acknowledged standards” he is no longer thought about a transmission threat.

The memo followed Mr Trump’s very first public look because returning to the White Home after being dealt with for the coronavirus, however it did not define at he had actually tested unfavorable for the infection.

Chiara Giordano11 October 2020 11: 33


This is a little unusual, but obviously Trump had grand concepts about wearing a Superman T-shirt that would be revealed when he ripped open his shirt as he left health center last week.

According to The New York City Times, he recommended he could pretend to be frail when leaving the military medical centre before the big reveal.

Find Out More on this strange story here:

Chiara Giordano11 October 2020 11: 47


The Taliban has actually rejected endorsing Donald Trump after reports emerged claiming the Afghan militant group had actually said it hoped the United States president would be re-elected.

Zabihullah Mujahid, a spokesperson for the Taliban, was reported to have supported Mr Trump’s bid to stay in the White Home and expressed issue over his health.

Chiara Giordano11 October 2020 12: 21


Donald Trump’s medical professional at the White Home said the president was no longer at risk of sending the coronavirus 10 days after he first revealed signs.

Chiara Giordano11 October 2020 12: 41


Joe Biden has actually said “the only method” he might lose to Donald Trump was through “chicanery”, prior to clarifying that he will accept the election outcome.

Chiara Giordano11 October 2020 12: 56


South Carolina Democrat raises record $57 m

South Carolina Democrat Jaime Harrison has actually shattered congressional fundraising records, bringing in $57 m in the last quarter for his US Senate campaign against Republican incumbent Lindsey Graham.

Chiara Giordano11 October 2020 14: 55

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