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Benetton v Scarlets live: Latest updates as Liam Williams makes return

Benetton v Scarlets live: Latest updates as Liam Williams makes return
For anyone who sat through the entire 80 minutes, you'd likely be ruing the time wasted watching the Scarlets' trip to Benetton. But after two disappointing defeats to kick off their PRO14 season, the west Walians will care little about the performance after coming away from Italy with victory. Many took to social media to…
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For anybody who sat through the entire80minutes, you ‘d likely be ruing the time squandered seeing the Scarlets’ journey to Benetton.

But after two frustrating defeats to kick off their PRO14 season, the west Walians will care little about the efficiency after coming away from Italy with triumph.

Many took to social media to knock the quality, with one Twitter user calling it the ‘worst rugby he ‘d ever seen’, however Paul Asquith’s late try rendered that all moot as it provided the area their first win of the season at the third effort.

After a scoreless opening quarter, Ian Keatley put the hosts ahead from the tee.

There was the odd good touch from Liam Williams in his first video game back in 7 months, including one elegant minute that saw him stop a Benetton kick find touch while sliding, before keeping the ball in play as he himself moved over the touchline.

However, little else occurred for the either group -with the score remaining 3-0 for the rest of a dull first-half.

Things didn’t get excessive better in the 2nd duration, with the Scarlets standing firm with a kicking video game that brought little reward.

Ultimately, they got their very first opportunity of points simply after the hour mark, with Angus O’Brien landing the charge.

Moments later on, he had another shot however pressed that a person wide.

He was to the fore for the winning score, with his kick and chase after giving the Scarlets attacking field position.

From there, they went broad -with Asquith integrating with Tyler Morgan to cross the whitewash.

Their bid for victory was nearly derailed as Morgan Jones was dispatched for a high tackle late on, but they showed a lot of character to hold on for a much-needed win.


Full-time: Benetton 3-10 Scarlets

It’s over.

It’s finally over.

Awful video game? Yes.

But it’s a win for the Scarlets.

Ben James

80 minutes

It’s a huge opportunity for the hosts as they slam away at the line, but the ball goes loose.

The clock is red however there’s still time for a Scarlets scrum.

Ben James

79 mins

Big assaulting scrum for Benetton here right under the sticks.

Ben James

79 mins

Benetton go close in the corner, but don’t get over.

As they move it back to the middle of the pitch, they spend a turnover charge to Cassiem.

Could that be enough?

Ben James

76 mins

Despite that red card, the Scarlets have just won an enormous scrum penalty.

Huge effort from the pack.

74 mins Ben James

Red card!

Benetton are now going to have to do the chase.

Scarlets may have assisted them though, with Morgan Jones just sent off for no-arms, high tackle.

Ben James

72 mins

The try might have actually originated from a forward pass.

However after the70 minutes prior to it, I can’t fathom how soul-destroying having the only shot snatched far from us would have been.




It’s a shot!

I ‘d almost forgotten what they looked like, however the Scarlets have actually scored.

All of it starts with Angus O’Brien picking up a loose ball, kicking ahead and diving on it.

From there, the Scarlets move it to the other wing and Paul Asquith discusses.

A fast TMO check but it’s awarded.

65 minsBen James

Missed penalty

Benetton put the kick-off out on the complete prior to infringing at the scrum.

So O’Brien now takes a crack at from half-way to put the Scarlets in front.

However, it’s simply large.

In fairness, 6 points in the space of a couple of minutes would be spoiling us.


Charge Scarlets! Benetton 3-3 Scarlets

Here we go.

Scarlets get themselves a penalty in a kickable position and Angus O’Brien strikes it through the posts.

We’re all level again.

Ben James

60 mins

Nearly 3 quarters of the method through this match and the Scarlets are still yet to threaten the scoreboard.

It’s all so unpleasant.

When they do not kick the ball away, the execution isn’t there.

Blade Thomson and Steff Evans combine well to break down the left, but the pass to Dane Blacker doesn’t stick.

Ben James

53 mins

Rob Evans is on for Phil Rate.

Can he offer something various?

Ben James


As Soon As again, the Scarlets persist with their technique of kicking early and often.

It’s simply not working however there’s no sign of them changing things up.

50 mins Ben James

Missed out on charge

The Scarlets cough up another charge in their red-zone- this time from Javan Sebastian.

Keatley steps up again but strikes the uprights- with Liam Williams cleaning up the loose ball.

Ben James

48 mins

Scarlets lineout goes awry and Benetton have prime attacking position.

They aren’t actually going anywhere with much penetration, however Tom Rogers can’t withstand a take a look at a jackal.

Nevertheless, he’s does not do so lawfully and coughs up the penalty.

Ben James

46 minutes

A twisting break from Luca Sperandio has the Scarlets rushing, however Benetton aren’t able to take advantage.

Neither group exactly flushed with confidence tonight.

Ben James

42 minutes

Scarlets once again deciding to kick.

At what point do they change tack?

41 minutes SECRET EVENT

Second-half kick-off

Here we go.

Second-half underway.

Certainly it can’t be as bad as the …?

Ben James

The Scarlets attack

Let’s speak about the Scarlets attack.

For the 4th game in a row, they have actually not truly looked like scoring.

Toulon, Munster, Edinburgh and now Benetton.

If they only come away with one shot from those four, there’s something seriously wrong.

40 mins Ben James

Half-time: Benetton 3-0 Scarlets

Benetton work their way into the Scarlets 22 however butcher the chance. Great turnover by Jac Morgan while doing so.

Scarlets kick it out which’s half-time.

If you can name an even worse half of rugby, answers on a postcard please.

Ben James

39 minutes

Almost half-time. Fortunately.

Still not much going right for the Scarlets. Scrum is holding up well but they have actually simply not looked like doing anything.

You pick up in a video game of this quality, if either group can get more than score ahead, that would most likely be enough.

And as I type that, the Scarlets scrum is penalised.

Ben James

35 mins

Things get a bit reckless for a moment or 2.

First the Scarlets nearly advantage as the house team fail to collect Dane Blacker’s chip.

Then Benetton work their method downfield, but the move breaks down.

Ben James

32 minutes

Precision just isn’t there for the Scarlets.

Angus O’Brien fires a pull-back pass to Steff Hughes, however it’s not on the money and the centre knocks on.

Ben James

30 minutes

I’m not keen on the mindset that rugby was much better in the great ol’ days, however this game is an engaging argument.

Little going on as we reach the half-hour mark.

Ben James

27 minutes

Bad scenes as Tyler Morgan decreases hurt.

We’re consulting the TMO as Ignacio Brex effectively caught him with a football-style slide tackle.

So it’s a charge to the Scarlets to clear their lines.

Ben James

25 mins

So after a quarter of kicking, could those three points see rugby break out?

Liam Williams does so – breaking through the Benetton defence with a degree of ease that looked like an adult taking part in the kid’s egg and spoon race at sports day.

He’s blindsided with a covering tackle prior to being pinged for trying to maintain his momentum while being held.

On 2nd glimpse, it’s the wrong call though.

21 minutes Ben James

Charge Benetton! Benetton 3-0 Scarlets

Scrum penalty for the hosts and finally a possibility for points.

Ian Keatley steps up and nails it.

We’re scoreless no more.

Ben James

16 minutes

Not much to write home about up until now.

A lot of starting the middle of the park and not excessive else.

One dazzling piece of play from Liam Williams however, taking a kick to the corner while moving – passing the ball back inside prior to he slid into touch.

Actually classy stuff.

Ben James

10 mins

Scarlets get the penalty at the scrum and clear their lines.

10 minutes gone and we’re scoreless so far.

Ben James

8 mins

Taylor Davies replaces Marc Jones as he leaves with a niggle.

Now it’s the hosts turn to attack.

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