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I attempted ButcherBox, the service that sends you a month’s supply of grass-fed meat– here’s what it was like

I attempted ButcherBox, the service that sends you a month’s supply of grass-fed meat– here’s what it was like
When you buy through our links, we may earn money from our affiliate partners. Learn more. Butcherbox Not all cuts of meat are created equal, as I found out when I tried ButcherBox, a subscription service that curates boxes of grass-fed, hormone-free, and humanely raised beef, chicken, and pork. The meat, which arrives frozen and vacuum-packed…

When you buy through our links, we may make money from our affiliate partners. Find Out More.

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  • Not all cuts of meat are created equivalent, as I discovered when I attempted ButcherBox, a membership service that curates boxes of grass-fed, hormone-free, and humanely raised beef, chicken, and pork.
  • The meat, which arrives frozen and vacuum-packed so you can stockpile for the entire month, was tender and juicy and tasted remarkable.
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Unabashed carnivores would concur that nothing rather compares to a juicy, hearty steak. If simply the idea of one is making your mouth water today, then do yourself a favor and check out ButcherBox, the online business that delivers tasty, grass-fed, humanely raised meat to you for a competitive rate.

ButcherBox calls itself the “friendly community butcher.” Because not everybody has access to a local butcher who truly cares about meat, ButcherBox brings the experience online so you can let the pros fill a box with your favorite proteins (or select them yourself) and get them provided to your door. In addition to beef, the business likewise sells cuts of chicken and pork.

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When I buy grocery store meat, I understand nothing about its origins or how the animal was dealt with. ButcherBox, on the other hand, just sources meats with the following criteria.


  • 100%grass-fed and grass-finished: the cattle live their entire life consuming on a pasture
  • Antibiotic-free and no included hormonal agents


  • Free-range, organic, and pasture-raised
  • Licensed humane: the chickens have access to the outdoors and room to walk around and interact with each other naturally


  • Antibiotic-free and no added hormonal agents
  • Heritage breed (Duroc, Berkshire, and Red Wattle): do not have flavor reproduced out of them, which is generally done to promote fast weight gain

The difference in taste and texture– a direct outcome of how the animals are raised– is big. When cattle consume grass and get exercise, their meat has less fat, healthier omega-3s, and more vitamins. Humane and ethical practices translate into much better meat– so both celebrations benefit.

Butcherbox Beef Brisket



1. Select your strategy.

There are 5 different membership plans: all beef, beef and chicken, beef and pork, a mixed box of all 3 types, and a customized box.

All pre-curated boxes include eight to 11 pounds of meat and cost $129, while the custom box consists of 9 to 14 pounds of meat and costs $149

2. Select any add-ons.

Add-on alternatives vary based on season and availability, and they can consist of fish like salmon, or other cuts of meat like bacon and breakfast sausage.

3. Get your ButcherBox at your door every month or every other month.

The meat comes frozen and vacuum-packed in a cardboard box with an insulated liner and dry ice. My box came to my apartment at 3 p.m., and all the meat was still frozen once I got home and opened the package at 9 p.m. I like range and seldom discriminate when it concerns food, so I went with the mixed box and was delighted to see the spread.

I got two 10 oz. strip steaks, 2 6 oz. tenderloin steaks, four boneless pork chops, 4 skinless and boneless chicken breasts, 2 pounds of ground beef, and uncured smoked bacon. I was essentially set for dinner for the next month.

4. Refrigerate the cuts you’re going to consume in the next few days and freeze the rest.

Given that all the meat is vacuum-packed, it’ll stay fresh for a while. Now, simply cook and take pleasure in. Your taste buds are going to thank you once you experience these tasty cuts.

ButcherBox keto bbq pulled porks



The beef, chicken, and pork I attempted from ButcherBox were substantially juicier and more tender than the average cuts I get from the marketplace, and they were all scrumptious. It’s like eating fresh, melt-in-your-mouth sushi for the first time after just consuming $10 pre-packed rolls your entire life. You can immediately taste the distinction and you seriously doubt you can ever return.

In case you want to stop briefly or adjust your subscription, you can easily do so from your account page. While I personally didn’t have issues with delivery or account settings, other consumers have experienced concerns, and ButcherBox’s BBB accreditation was formerly gotten rid of due to unanswered consumer evaluations on its page. It appears the business has actually resolved these issues and now has an A rating.

ButcherBox does the hard work for you– curating, selecting, and delivering excellent meat– so you can focus on enjoying it. The value, quality, and convenience of the service are excellent, and my meals have actually never tasted better.

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