January 17, 2022

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Coleen Rooney confident of winning libel fight versus Rebekah Vardy but regrets it got ‘this far’

Coleen Rooney confident of winning libel fight versus Rebekah Vardy but regrets it got ‘this far’
An army of Coleen Rooney-supporting trolls subjected Rebekah Vardy to ridiculous false allegations over the disappearance of Madeleine McCann and being the new leader of ISIS - including one who threatened to leak a sex tape and claims about her footballer husband Jamie.The anonymous individual wrote to Mrs Vardy in October 2019 demanding that she…

An army of Coleen Rooney-supporting trolls subjected Rebekah Vardy to ridiculous incorrect accusations over the disappearance of Madeleine McCann and being the brand-new leader of ISIS – consisting of one who threatened to leakage a sex tape and declares about her footballer partner Jamie.

The anonymous specific composed to Mrs Vardy in October 2019 requiring that she pay 2.5 bit coins in return for the tapes not being revealed, according to documents supporting her libel claim.

It declared: ‘Hey Becki, For now I will be anonymous but represent Coleen’s Army. Coz it is repayment time! This is very serious and if this leaks out there, it will be completion of you and Jamie.

‘ I have proof of Jamie’s infidelity. Not only that, and what’s even worse, I even have nudities and the sex videos. Yours, obviously.’

The messenger then requires 2.5 bitcoins and threatens: ‘If I do not hear from you by this time tomorrow I will leakage online and anonymously forward this proof to the media.’

All the abuse was stated in court papers to have made her feel self-destructive, prompting three journeys to healthcare facility due to her stress and anxiety, and triggering concerns about either entering into early labour or losing her child due to the tension.

The messages were revealed in her libel action against Mrs Rooney, 34, over her evident sleuthing work over stories dripped to a newspaper.

She declared to have actually published false stories on her Instagram and narrowed the audience to simply Mrs Vardy’s profile to see if they appeared in the tabloid.

When they did she published a message on Twitter declaring she had actually discovered the perpetrator, notoriously ending the message with ‘It’s … …… Rebekah Vardy’s account.’

She rejected the accusations and introduced the libel claim in response.

Mrs Vardy’s written claim, filed in June, detailed the ‘extremely high levels of public abuse and ridicule’ versus her and its effect.

Her barrister Hugh Tomlinson QC said: ‘The complaintant has actually suffered severe distress, hurt, anxiety and shame as a result of the publication of the post and the events which followed.

‘ The abuse that followed the post made the claimant feel self-destructive. She struggled with extreme panic attacks and stress and anxiety which manifested in being frightened to leave her house.’

The filing detailed some of the ways Mrs Rooney’s post was reported and repeated on social media.

Following a tweet from Donald Trump, some users joked that Mrs Vardy was the brand-new leader of the so-called Islamic State terror group, while others later on stated she was involved in the disappearance of Madeline McCann.

Mr Tomlinson included: ‘Following the police announcing that a brand-new suspect had actually been recognized in the disappearance of Madeline McCann, the plaintiff (Mrs Vardy) was the subject of a number of extremely distressing publications on Twitter declaring she was the suspect.’

Social media users likewise published that Mrs Vardy was associated with a potential hack of the mobile video-conferencing app Houseparty in March this year.

The dramatic ending to Mrs Rooney’s post was likewise parodied on social media, including on the account of Jeremy Corbyn, then-leader of the Labour Party.

‘ Now I understand for particular which individual is selling off our NHS. It’s … … … Boris Johnson,’ Mr Corbyn composed on the day of last year’s general election.

Mrs Vardy’s husband Jamie, a Leicester City striker, was also targeted.

Mr Tomlinson wrote: ‘Opposition advocates shouted taunts directed at him in the weeks following the publication of the post, consisting of ‘your other half is a grass’ and ‘Becky Vardy’s a turf’.

‘ Many of the chants continued for as much as 5 minutes and were duplicated numerous times throughout the 90- minute match.’

Mrs Vardy’s lawyers argue that Mrs Rooney’s post produced a ‘highly damaging, incorrect and permanent ‘digital footprint” about her that has given that become embedded in public discourse and continues to affect her.

Mr Tomlinson included: ‘The claimant never ever understands when or where she might be faced with the claims or recommendation to the post which triggers her terrific stress and anxiety and upset.’

Mrs Rooney has rejected any misbehavior.

In her written defence submitted in October, Mrs Rooney’s lawyers argued her post was ‘completely genuine and justified’ and stated the stories had been stemmed from Mrs Vardy’s account, instead of her straight.

Earlier it was revealed the 2 were to come in person in a last attempt to settle their prominent legal fight, it emerged today – as the High Court heard how both ladies are ‘sad’ the row has actually come so far.

At the start of their libel case at London’s High Court today, attorneys for both Wags concurred a stay on the case till 8 February so that mediation can happen between them.

The trial was expected to be arranged for next summer following an initial hearing today before Mr Justice Warby.

Rebekah, other half of Leicester City and England striker Jamie Vardy, is seen today leaving the National Ice Centre in Nottingham as she prepares to take part in Dancing On Ice 2021

Coleen Rooney has actually revealed she is confident of winning her libel battle against Rebekah Vardy however regrets that it has got ‘this far’ as the case got underway at the High Court today

But Hugh Tomlinson QC, representing Rebekah told the judge: ‘The parties have agreed based on your lordship’s views that there need to be one final attempt to resolve this after the conclusion to this preliminary hearing.’

He added: ‘There will be a stay until 8 February to allow time for mediation to occur.’

David Sherborne, representing Coleen informed the court that she had offered to mediate with Rebekah and felt ‘unfortunate’ since the time and cash might be better invested than taking part in pricey legal procedures.

Mr Sherborne said: ‘Mrs Rooney states that Mrs Vardy was responsible for the leak of the stories to The Sun however she’s similarly sad that this matter has got to court.

‘ She’s been drawn into this litigation despite providing to mediate. The time and cost on this lawsuits at a time of life-altering events could be much better spent.’

Both sides are to return to the High Court after 8 February, where they will talk about costs and further information of a complete trial if Coleen and Rebekah are not able to fix their distinctions in the mediation procedure.

Rebekah, better half of Leicester City and England striker Jamie Vardy, released a ₤ 1m High Court libel action after Coleen implicated her in an Instagram post a year ago of leaking stories about her and others to the media.

In court files, she has denied being ‘The Secret Wag,’ the Sun newspaper’s source of stories about Coleen and other footballers’ partners.

During the initial hearing, Mr Justice Warby heard arguments from both attorneys on whether Coleen was directly blaming Rebekah or her Instagram account and whoever was involved with it.

On Friday he will rule on whether he believes Coleen was blaming Rebekah or the social networks account.

Hugh Tomlinson QC, representing Rebekah Vardy, judge Mr Justice Warby and David Sherborne, representing Coleen Rooney, at the High Court today

Rebekah today on her method to the National Ice Centre in Nottingham for Dancing On Ice 2021

Mr Sherborne told the court that apart from Rebekah, others who had use of her Instagram account was her hubby Jamie, her PR agent and his social media supervisor.

Mr Sherborne told the court that it was ‘typical understanding’ that stars alone did not run their own social networks accounts.

A document sent to the court by Coleen’s legal group stated: ‘Coleen is pointing the finger of blame at the account, not the Complaintant.’

It includes: ‘The source of the leaks of the Defendant’s personal details was the Complaintant’s account.

‘ The focus of ‘except ONE account’ (with capital letters) and the final words of the post make clear that the obligation lies with a particular account.

‘ As a result of this, a sensible reader would conclude that there were sensible premises to think that the Plaintiff had dripped the details herself, but the finger is pointed firmly at the account, not the Complaintant herself.’

However Mr Tomlinson countered, describing Coleen’s claim that she was blaming either Rebekah or whoever was included with her Instagram account as ‘nonsense.’

He informed the court: ‘The idea that it prevails understanding that a celebrity account is operated by other individuals is simply not real.

‘ Mrs Rooney is not grumbling about the account but about a disloyal person. An affordable reader would think that she has revealed the culprit. Which individual is Rebekah Vardy.’

The ‘Wagatha Christie’ legend began a year ago when Coleen tweeted that she had secretly planted three fake stories on Instagram in the months before, but stated she obstructed all her fans except Rebekah from seeing them

Previously in today’s hearing, Mr Tomlinson stated Coleen’s posts were an ‘false and unjustified defamatory attack’ which was ‘released and republished to millions of individuals’

He said her accusation ‘leaves the sensible reader in no doubt that the defendant is accusing the claimant of consistently and repeatedly betraying her trust over numerous years.’

He added: ‘In fact, she not did anything incorrect. Whatever leakages there were did not originate from her.’

Mr Tomlinson went through the lines of Coleen’s post, arguing how it would have been viewed.

He stated: ‘This post was released and reshared to countless individuals and gained large public currency.’

Pricing estimate from her post where she said she ‘now knows for specific’ who was dripping stories, Mr Tomlinson stated the post leaves no doubt for the reasonable reader.

‘ That is not the language of suspicion, that is the language of learning the truth,’ he stated.

Mr Tomlinson stated while Coleen began with a suspicion, the post ended with a clear accusation after describing her ‘detective procedure’.

He continued: ‘That is the process that has actually been characterised in journalism as ‘Wagatha Christie’.

‘ She is describing her investigator procedure, it becomes part of her procedure to discover the true villain of the piece.’

Rebekah Vardy leaves after a training session at Planet Ice in Peterborough as she prepares to take part in Dancing On Ice 2021

Prior to today’s hearing, MailOnline exposed Rooney is confident of winning the case however regrets that it has got ‘this far’.

Contrary to widespread speculation, neither Rebekah or Coleen or their famous footballer partners remain in court today.

It is believed Rebekah that she will reject being ‘The Secret Wag,’ the Sun paper’s source of stories about Coleen and other footballers’ partners.

A spokesperson for Coleen told MailOnline: ‘Coleen’s defence is already submitted and in the general public domain. It sets out the realities of her case and will be the exact same, whatever is chosen today.

‘ Provided those truths, Coleen stays completely confident in her position as she has been throughout.

‘ It is still a matter of regret to her that the matter has actually been permitted by the other party to get this far.’

In a mind-blowing 55- page defence file, Coleen has set out in granular detail why she thought Rebekah lagged the anonymous ‘Secret Wag’ column.

She described Rebekah as having an ‘recognized history and regular practice of supplying personal info to journalists’.

Coleen has a 55 page defence document in which she set out in granular detail why she believed Rebekah lagged the anonymous ‘Secret Wag’ column in The Sun

A source stated: ‘Becky is set to swear openly and on oath to the High Court that she was not the so-called Secret Wag for the newspaper.’

The Secret Wag concern is seen as main by legal representatives on both sides in developing whether Rebecca did leak stories from Coleen’s personal social media accounts to The Sun, which she has actually consistently denied.

The ‘Wagatha Christie’ saga began a year ago when Coleen tweeted that she had actually privately planted three fake stories on Instagram in the months previously, but said she obstructed all her fans except Rebekah from seeing them.

After stories appeared which included references to the faked posts, Coleen notoriously stated the outcomes of her examination, revealing: ‘It’s … Rebekah Vardy’s account.’

The mother-of-four, who shares Kai, 10, Klay, seven, Package, four, and Cass, two, with Derby County footballer Wayne, likewise 34, is determined to combat off the libel case.

However for her part, Rebekah is seeking considerable damages and states she has actually suffered ‘severe and severe hostility and abuse’ in the fallout after the claims were released on Instagram.

She is expected to make a bombshell courtroom rejection of Coleen‘s claims that she was ‘The Secret Wag’.

A source said the other day: ‘Becky is set to swear publicly and on oath to the High Court that she was not the so-called Secret Wag for the newspaper.’

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