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Regional Director’s go to seals stronger cooperation on health in Albania

Regional Director’s go to seals stronger cooperation on health in Albania
On a recent country visit to Albania, Dr Hans Henri P. Kluge, WHO Regional Director for Europe, signed a 2-year agreement to work together on key health issues, and met decision-makers and health workers on the COVID-19 frontline.Following a press briefing, both Dr Kluge and Albania’s Minister of Health and Social Protection, Ms Ogerta Manastirliu,…

On a recent country check out to Albania, Dr Hans Henri P. Kluge, WHO Regional Director for Europe, signed a 2-year arrangement to work together on key health issues, and fulfilled decision-makers and health employees on the COVID-19 frontline.

Following a press briefing, both Dr Kluge and Albania’s Minister of Health and Social Protection, Ms Ogerta Manastirliu, signed a brand-new biennial collaborative arrangement (BCA), setting out areas where WHO and the Albanian federal government can make efforts to improve the health and wellness of the population. This arrangement consists of: coverage of health services; maternal, child and reproductive health; taking on both contagious and noncommunicable illness; health funding; and emergency readiness and action, consisting of COVID-19

In a declaration to the press, Dr Kluge said: “I motivate all efforts made towards delivering universal health protection, including a concentrate on a main healthcare system that is available, cost effective and equitable. The European Program of Work [EPW] places specific attention on 4 flagship initiatives: mental health, digitization, behavioural insights and immunization. It is encouraging to see these shown in the tactical efforts of the Government of Albania.

” Today’s signing of our Biennial Collaborative Agreement 2021 with the Ministry of Health and Social Protection of Albania is another positive step in our close work together to provide on the commitments of the EPW, across Albania and throughout the WHO European Region.”

Contributing to the European Program of Work– “United Action for Better Health”, which was agreed by European Area Member States in September 2020, this agreement seeks to reinforce the country’s National Health Strategy in line with WHO’s triple billion health goals: more people benefitting from universal health protection, more individuals better secured from health emergencies and more individuals taking pleasure in better health and wellness.

The signing of the BCA followed a meeting in between Ms Manastirliu and Dr Kluge where they talked about the continuous COVID-19 pandemic action, the nation’s National Health Policy, health funding and the brand-new main healthcare method.

COVID-19 response

Dr Kluge commended the Federal government of Albania and health-care authorities for their action to COVID-19 Following the structural mechanisms put in location given that January, in order to handle the growing obstacles brought by the virus, the technique gotten ready for the autumn and coming winter season is another positive step in the pandemic action.

As COVID-19 cases surge, Dr Kluge discussed that it is crucial that with WHO/Europe’s solidarity, the Albanian government continues enhancing screening and contact tracing capacity throughout the nation, with robust case management.

Dr Kluge worried: “like all over in Europe, we must enhance our efforts once again”.

Despite the obstacles, Dr Kluge told individuals of Albania that they are not alone. “WHO/Europe remains an unfaltering partner in the middle of this pandemic and we eagerly anticipate sustaining our close partnership and commitment to leave nobody behind.”

National Health Policy and COVID-19 action

In a conference with Prime Minister Edi Rama, Dr Kluge discussed the COVID-19 response and the National Health Policy, while likewise using support following an earthquake in 2015 which caused damage in the nation.

Dr Kluge welcomed the proposition to increase the health spending plan considerably compared to 2020, while motivating increased public financial investment in the health system. Universal Health Protection (UHC) has been put at the centre of the nation’s National Health Policy– increasing UHC is a main part of “United Action for Better Health”.

In a meeting with President Ilir Meta, Dr Kluge highlighted the ongoing reaction to COVID-19 This provided the chance to explain the work being carried out by WHO, in addition to acknowledging the efforts made by the government in securing the health system from being overburdened earlier this year, while likewise preparing for future boosts in COVID-19 patients.

Furthermore, Dr Kluge expressed his appreciation to Albania for involvement in the Solidarity trial and COVAX center, working towards international, equitable access to possible COVID-19 vaccines.

Health-care workers

Throughout the nation visit, Dr Kluge went to a medical facility taking care of COVID-19 clients, expressing his adoration for the nerve and decision of health-care employees.

” I wish to thank you for the great job that you are doing, but I would also like to thank your households because they suffer as well when you are burning the midnight oil. We have to combat the pandemic in the medical facilities, however likewise in your home, in the communities and at the main health centres,” stated Dr Kluge.

The Regional Director likewise thanked the health-care employees of the transmittable illness department at Mom Theresa University Healthcare Facility Centre for being part of the Solidarity trial, explaining that it is 1 of 500 healthcare facilities worldwide which are taking part in the trial. Dr Kluge emphasized that it is very important to share knowledge, not only for Albania however for the entire world.

Albania has seen a scaling up of 4 health centers as treatment centres for COVID-19, in addition to increasing the wages of health specialists who have actually been treating patients with the disease.

Collaborations for health

Working together with partners is an important part of providing on the EPW.

An emphasize of the visit was the meeting with the European Union (EU) Ambassador to Albania, Luigi Soreca. Common ground on reinforcing health systems, more powerful engagement in the Balkans, and support to the EU accession procedure of Albania was discussed.

During the check out, Dr Kluge also consulted with United Nations Citizen Organizer, Fiona McCluney, discussing joint efforts on COVID-19, raising health on the political program and more techniques to support the Ministry of Health and Social Protection in Albania.

The check out likewise provided the chance to consult with the Tirana-hub of the Global Shapers network. The International Shapers are a community of socially driven youths from across the globe who have actually been working with WHO/Europe to monitor rumours, address myths and share evidence-based details on COVID-19

During this conference, Dr Kluge highlighted the significance of youths as partners in helping stop the spread of COVID-19, consisting of inspiring peers. The requirement for consisting of and listening to young people, especially on matters of worldwide health which directly impact them, is crucial to reinforcing the work of WHO/Europe.

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