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Novo Amor

Novo Amor
With an unparalleled grace, Ali John Meredith-Lacey presents us with a unequivocal compilation of tender tracks in his new album, 'Cannot Be, Whatsoever' under Novo Amor. Although he is no stranger to the indie folk rock genre, this album speaks to the trajectory of the evolution of his sound since the release of his first…

With an unparalleled grace, Ali John Meredith-Lacey presents us with an unquestionable compilation of tender tracks in his brand-new album, ‘Can not Be, Whatsoever’ under Novo Amor Although he is no complete stranger to the indie country rock genre, this album speaks to the trajectory of the advancement of his noise considering that the release of his first EP in 2014, ‘Woodgate, NY’.

The shallows and bellows of Lacey’s vocals eradicate any fluctuating residue of worry, it lives in by doing this of rejection and prayer at one time. There is a perfect duality in the building of the energetic running guitar sequences into an extremely methodical lyrical framing that constructs and tumbles back over itself in an assortment of classical rock structures.

You can not avoid the seismic passion and power of Lacey’s attunement in this album. The rhythms and lyrics oscillate, but by the end of the album we are left with an undulating sense of wholeness, peace and captivated marvel.

‘ Keep Me’ quietens the quaking of this time. It sits us down, enjoys us breathe and for a minute everything is still. Maybe one of the more simplified musical plans of the album; however, it represents me as the greatest. It is unapologetically true, he sings out in earnest hope and does not fluctuate in his love as he is brought with the beautiful violin strings and guitar strumming.

‘ Can not Be, Whatsoever’ is a necessary change of pace. It is a gratifying album that begs to be listened to over and over. There is a lot to discover in between the moments of honey vocals, dynamic guitars and gestural synths. This album is as much speculative as it is folk, the track, ‘Statue Of A Lady’ is an absolutely ephemeral and grounding experience with echoing synths reverabating and developing throughout.

Although at times, the album strays from a total cohesiveness as far as noise, I do incline. For I am beyond thrilled to continue to see Lacey move in this manner. In 2015 he explored with Gia Margaret, maybe he will take a lead from her and likewise develop an entirely ambient album in the future.

Whether it’s the tip that aloneness isn’t singular or a simple jolt of motivation that is far from cheesy, Novo Amor provides an album with intricacy and subtlety simultaneously. At a time when mayhem and discomfort seem beside difficult to look away from, Novo Amor gently reminds us of all the possibilities and ways of being true.


Words: Rae Niwa

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