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Scribz Riley

Scribz Riley
Although ‘Wish Me Luck’ serves as his debut solo project, it is not Scribz Riley’s first foray into the world of music. The East London-born singer-songwriter, rapper and producer has previously worked with some of the biggest artists in the world including J Hus, Khalid, H.E.R and Cardi B - winning two Grammy Awards for his work…

Although ‘Dream Me Luck’ serves as his debut solo task, it is not Scribz Riley’s initially foray into the world of music.

As good as the singles ‘East Side’, ‘Mandy’ and ‘Impress Me (feat Headie One)’ sounded upon release, they sound even better within the context of the task with ‘Outta Your Way’ sticking out as an emphasize in the feature-heavy first half. Boasting names such as 6lack, Kaash Paige and chart-topper Headie One, Scribz shows his versatility throughout a host of tempos and flows, over effortlessly abundant and layered production, weaving together sounds and styles like a needle and thread making a scarf to keep you warm for the winter season.

That might likewise encapsulate the sensation of the album, as its excellent song-writing explores themes of love, heartbreak, trust and acceptance that hit so raw it might touch a nerve and put you in your feelings. Even if it does, Scribz makes it feel like he’s on the journey with you, charming his noise to your ears through every drum, snare, melody and lyric. Each tune is composed actively, including either minutes of self-questioning or sincerity and frequently both.

Every artist is at the top of their video game and Scribz Riley holds his own with each of them, blending their particular designs into something so smooth and soulful, it lessens some of the sharpness in the profoundness expressed in their words, giving you the exact same warm experience as a hot soup after being out in the cold.

It is a testimony to Scribz Riley and the quality of the music, that it feels as though this EP could maybe have been considered as a launching album. In the exact same breath it is amazing to know that when the album does come, it will have to be something genuinely unique to stand shoulder to shoulder, and even go beyond, the standard he’s set for himself on ‘Dream Me Luck’.

It is a task that is sure to be remembered as one of the standout tasks of the year in and amongst a host of other quality releases.


Words: Aaron Bishop

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