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University admissions shake-up might mean trainees can just apply with final grades

University admissions shake-up might mean trainees can just apply with final grades
The education secretary is considering changes to the university admissions system that could see students receive offers only once they have their final grades.Gavin Williamson says the changes in England would "remove the unfairness" that some students face due to inaccurate predicted grades. Image: Students who were unable to sit their exams this summer were…

The education secretary is thinking about changes to the university admissions system that might see students get offers just once they have their final grades.

Gavin Williamson states the modifications in England would “remove the unfairness” that some students deal with due to incorrect predicted grades.

The syllabus has now been cut down to make exams better for students

Trainees who were unable to sit their examinations this summertime were originally offered results based upon an algorithm system

However the Department for Education (DfE), which is headed by Mr Williamson, states genuine offers are not always in the best interests of trainees as it can leave them unprepared for the quantity of studying needed at university.

It comes after the assessment scandal in the summer where thousands of applicants lost their locations at university when the government utilized an algorithm system to provide last grades to children who were unable to sit their tests due to COVID-19

The federal government later revealed it was U-turning on the controversial relocation following prevalent criticism and protests from children Trainees ended up being granted grades based on predictions set by their teachers.

The announcement backs the idea from Universities UK (UUK), which represents vice-chancellors, and UCAS (Universities and Colleges Admissions Service), the organisation that directs the application process for students.

Both institutions stated the post-qualification admissions system (PQA), if it were to proceed, would be rolled out in simply three years’ time. Applications for the 2021 intake will not be affected by the proposals, the DfE has said.

A consultation is due to be introduced in the coming months to go over the proposed changes, as well as evaluating using personal declarations, which are around 500 words long and are included in the applications. They note the students’ aspirations, skills, and experience to university and college admissions personnel.

Schools, colleges, and universities are being welcomed to voice their opinions on the tips.


Students hold placards as they protest outside of the constituency office for Gavin Williamson, Conservative MP for South Staffordshire and Britain's current Education Secretary, in Codsall near Wolverhampton, central England on August 17, 2020, to demonstrate against the downgrading of A-level results. - The British government faced criticism after education officials downgraded more than a third of pupils' final grades in a system devised after the coronavirus pandemic led to cancelled exams. Although the newly released results for 18-year-olds showed record-high grades and more students accepted to university courses, exam boards downgraded nearly 40 percent of pupils' grades in England. (Photo by Paul ELLIS / AFP) (Photo by PAUL ELLIS/AFP via Getty Images)

August: Students hold placards as they object outside of the constituency office for Gavin Williamson

Research study has revealed that state school pupils do not get the exact same assistance as their private school equivalents when composing the statements, and therefore are at lesser advantage in the choice process.

Mr Williamson stated it deserved “celebrating” that there are record numbers of disadvantaged trainees going to university, but the system in its current kind is “pulling down the brightest pupils from the most disadvantaged backgrounds”.

” By using forecasted grades it is limiting the aspirations of students before they understand what they can achieve. We need to drastically alter a system which breeds low goal and unfairness,” he said.

” That is why we are exploring how best to transform the admission process to one which can move youths into the most appealing chances for them within college.

” It has been a tough time for the education sector, however COVID-19 will not stop this federal government from levelling the playing field and empowering trainees to have the absolute best opportunities to succeed.”

Lee Elliot Major, professor of social mobility, University of Exeter, stated: “Using to university with actual A-level grades is a reform that would boost social mobility as it would sweep away the barriers, from bad guidance to low expectations, that for too long have actually stymied the potential customers of poorer trainees.”

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