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Review: Taskmaster (Series 10)

Review: Taskmaster (Series 10)
100% Hilarious Series 10 of Taskmaster puts five more celebrities through side-splitting moments in the first tasks hosted by Channel 4. Everyone had a show they binged incessantly during the national lockdowns. For some, Strictly Come Dancing. Others, I’m a Celebrity. Me? Taskmaster. Series 10 of this delightful challenge-based show premiered during a surprise jump…



Series 10 of Taskmaster puts five more stars through side-splitting minutes in the very first tasks hosted by Channel 4.

Others, I’m a Star Taskmaster Series 10 of this wonderful challenge-based show premiered during a surprise dive from Dave to Channel 4, however that didn’t stop the turmoil and shenanigans unfolding.

Obviously with 5 differing celebs completing jobs from the basic to the straight-out unusual, you’re bound to get your mood lifted and sides harming from laughing at their shenanigans. From attempting to bring glasses throughout an obstacle course of their own design (whilst holding an excessively sized teddy at all times) to the return of the mission to do something with ₤20 and even thinking the number of sheets are in a roll of toilet tissue, there were moments where I was laughing so difficult I was in tears. After a year as upturning as 2020, Taskmaster provided the humour all of us required to cheer ourselves up. And as somebody who took part in some of the #HomeTasking difficulties, I can comprehend how in the heat of the minute your mind goes blank as you attempt to be elegant both in your motives however also in your bid to win.

Greg Davies and Alex Horne are back to see the show into a double-digits series, and their humour is the staple of the show’s hosting and providing expertise. Their small talk punctuating each task and evaluating candidates’ attempts is witty and ironical and Greg’s status as The Taskmaster is still undisputed. After 10 series you could not imagine anybody else attempting to sit in that chair.

Having removed the studio audience (Greg instead simply quipping how it was rather because he didn’t like them, in his normal cynical humour), some of the brilliant action of in-person tasks at the end of each show feel a little bit dull, but they provide it a go.

Similarly, the five candidates were socially distanced on the studio flooring, which made for some awkwardness– both in video camera angles and feel. The absence of uproar and laughter made it feel off somehow, however as the series progressed I became accustomed to it. Just like the team jobs at the end of episodes, they discover a workaround to keep it fun and engaging while still following socially distancing the interactions. The program itself even saw some firsts for Taskmaster including an infamous event where all 5 were disqualified from a task for their incredible failures. And on the other side, series 10 likewise saw the very first time all 5 contestants ended an episode with each in double digits, and the very first time the series’ winner has actually won both the first and last episodes.

The supreme winner of the series, of course, should be named. The winner of Series 10 was Richard Herring with a lead of 4 points on Cooper; Herring even set a record of episodes won, with half of the ten episodes under his belt.

An honourable reference should likewise go to the New Year Treat unique released over the vacation period, with another five (including Derry Women’ Nicola Coughlan and Rylan Clark-Neal) which condenses the full chaos of a brand-new group into one short piece. It’s a fantastic taster for the 2nd “Champions of Champions” and series 11 which are both going to be being available in the brand-new year.

I’m thankful that the spirit of the program never got lost in the move from Dave to Channel 4 as happens so frequently with programs as they change networks. And with more Taskmaster on its method, then I can not wait to see what mayhem is released in the future.

Taskmaster is readily available on All 4 in the UK. You can enjoy a teaser listed below!

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