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Fear watchdog launches query into extremism in jails

Fear watchdog launches query into extremism in jails
An inquiry into the way prisons deal with convicted terrorists is being launched by the independent terror watchdog amid concerns of growing radicalisation behind bars. Jonathan Hall QC said there had been a "steady drumbeat" of terror attacks on prison officers while other inmates were coming under the influence of "high status" terrorist prisoners.Mr Hall,…

A query into the method jails handle convicted terrorists is being introduced by the independent fear guard dog amidst issues of growing radicalisation behind bars.

Jonathan Hall QC stated there had actually been a “steady drumbeat” of terror attacks on jail officers while other inmates were coming under the impact of “high status” terrorist detainees.

” There has been a consistent drumbeat over recent years of terrorist attacks against prison officers, and an increasing number of individuals who may well have actually formed their terrorist intent in prison under the influence of high status terrorist detainees,” he informed The Times

His comments follow a series of high-profile cases, including the 2019 London Bridge attack when Usman Khan, a terrorist detainee out on licence, stabbed 2 people to death.

Khairi Saadallah, who was offered an entire life sentence previously this month for murdering three guys in a terror attack in a Checking out park, had actually been befriended by a radical preacher while serving an earlier jail term.

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Last year Brusthom Ziamani, who was serving a 19- year sentence for plotting to behead a soldier, was founded guilty of tried murder for trying to hack an officer to death in the maximum security Whitemoor prison.

Mr Hall stated that he had been impressed at the method terrorist detainees were looked up to by other prisoners.

” I find it amazing that somebody need to go to jail for plotting a terrorist atrocity and the concern is not that they themselves are at danger of attack, like a paedophile is typically at threat of attack because detainees normally say what they’ve done is dreadful,” he stated.

” Terrorists automatically achieve a sort of status.”

The Ministry of Justice informed The Times that it had trained more than 29,000 jail officers to better area indications of extremism, increased the variety of expert counter-terrorism staff, and would separate the most subversive detainees where essential.

” Our tough procedures to stop extremists spreading their toxic ideologies in jail have been stepped up,” a spokesperson said.

” We ended the automated early release of terrorists and our brand-new legislation suggests they will also deal with tougher sentences and keeping track of on release.”

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