October 16, 2021

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Dad uses beer bong to feed baby daughter milk so she gets nutrition she needs

Dad uses beer bong to feed baby daughter milk so she gets nutrition she needs
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A new dad has sent people into stitches after coming up with an inventive way to get his baby daughter the nutrition she needs in time for her next weigh-in.

Rudy Willingham, 36, has gone viral after feeding little Lil her milk through a ‘beer bong’ – after being told by doctors that she needed to take in more calories.

The adorable – and hilarious – clip was uploaded to TikTok and Instagram, where it has since racked up 9 million views.

The footage shows Rudy preparing Lily’s bottle before joining her on the couch where she is seen sitting comfortably in her baby seat.

He then unscrews the collar of the bottle, before pouring the milk into the red funnel of the bong as the tot watches with her mouth wide open – and is shortly seen chugging down the liquid.

Rudy will try anything to feed his baby daughter milk

Viewers of the video praised Rudy’s parenting technique.

“Parenting done so damn right,” wrote one person.

This was followed by: “She’s getting the best training imaginable.”

Another person wrote: “So much daddy-love in this! How awesome that you have each other.”

The clip has gone viral on TikTok with 9 million viewers

Someone else commented: “That kid knows how to party! Good job, Dad! Good luck too.”

“I made the baby bong at our condo last week,” Rudy, who works in advertising told Jam Press.

“It was pretty simple to construct, I just bought the smallest beer bong Amazon had for sale and then attached a bottle nipple to the end.

“I was pretty lucky because it was a perfect fit with the end of the bong, almost like they were always meant to be together!”

Rudy, from Seattle, Washington, got the idea after one of Lily’s weigh-ins.

He added: “As any parent can attest, the weigh-ins can be stressful, especially with small babies.

“You’re doing absolutely everything you can to get their weight up and sometimes it just doesn’t happen.

Rudy Willingham, from Seattle, Washington, said his wife Raeghan found the new method hilarious

“So I thought, what are some of the ways I’ve gained weight successfully?

“With a beer bong, in college.

“I put on a solid 25 pounds that way, so it’s gotta work for her too, right?

“That bong is for formula only though.

“Gotta keep things sanitary for my little gal.

“I’m also thinking of getting a water bong for myself so I can stay properly hydrated throughout the day.”

The father-of-one revealed that his wife Raeghan found the unique technique ‘hilarious.’

Rudy says the idea came to him after he gained a ‘solid 25 pounds’ through beer bongs as a student

The tot seemed happy drinking milk through the new technique

He added: “As parents, I think it’s important to keep a sense of humour while raising a baby.

“Otherwise things just feel too stressful, and babies can feel that stress.

“We try to have fun with it as much as we can.

“Everyone else thought it was pretty hilarious too.

“A lot of friends have asked if I could make one for them. Although some people were genuinely concerned about Lily.

“For the record: she was born 2nd percentile in weight, and has stayed on that trajectory, which the doctor says is normal.

“So she’s perfectly healthy!

“I would say I need to work on the product design a little bit as the flow is not as strong as I’d hoped.

“Definitely not as good as the ones I used in college. But hey, it’s just a beta version!”

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