January 17, 2022

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Side View: A new generation of military super-sniffers

Side View: A new generation of military super-sniffers
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Welcome to Side View — a curated guide to new and overlooked content on politics, policy, and public affairs. This week: wake up and smell the vegetarians, soldier; social housing in Northern Ireland and its abuse; race and consumerism, and how boxes transformed the world.

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“Grit” was hailed as a key new indicator of educational and life success. Other academics are calling bullshit. Shakira Hussein experiences apocalypse at the pathology clinic. The relentless encouragement of fitness is a product of neoliberalism — but is that such a bad thing?

There’s a deep split between Democrats and Republicans over getting the vaccine in the US, but it’s complicated. Is driving the last frontier of human freedom against automation? Hmmm. The ideal soldier should be able to smell the difference between vegetarians and meat-eaters.


Northern Ireland’s paramilitary gangs have worked out how to game the country’s social housing policies to carry out sectarian cleansing and control crime they don’t profit from. And what’s Brexit’s role in the surge in violence in NI in recent weeks?

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