It’s out on March 25th…

Robin Murray

13 · 01 · 2022

Guerilla Toss will release new album ‘Famously Alive’ on March 25th.

The record was seemingly pieced together in the Catskills, utilising the quiet of the pandemic year.

Lyrically, ‘Famously Alive’ focusses on becoming at ease with your own space, allowing yourself to be soaked up by your own aura.

“You have to be with yourself all the time during the pandemic,” the band’s Kassie Carlson says. “I had to figure out a way to manage my anxiety. The pandemic was hard, but it helped me get comfortable inside my own body. My peace of mind came out of being thrust into the deepest shit. This album is all about being happy, being alive, strength. It’s meant to inspire people.”

New single ‘Cannibal Capital’ leads the way, merging distorted guitars with heavenly vocals and layered of DIY electronics.

Potent digi-punk scenes, ‘Cannibal Capital’ comes complete with a surreal new video.

Tune in now.

Photo Credit: Ebru Yidilz

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