NHS England has announced improved mental health funding for new and expectant mothers

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New and expectant mothers all over the country will have increased access to perinatal mental health care, NHS England announced today. They revealed a new initiative that means women from “every part of the country” would be able to use specialist perinatal mental health community services by April next year. Increased mental health care funding NHS England is spending £23 million for under-served parts of the country. This follows the 2014 estimate that only three per cent of the country had good access to perinatal mental health care.

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One in five women will experience a mental health problem during their pregnancy and in the first year after birth; of which, anxiety and depression are the most common. Specialist community perinatal mental health teams will offer psychiatric and psychological assessments and care for women with complex or severe mental health problems during their pregnancy. They will also provide pre-conception advice for those who have struggled with mental health beforehand and are planning to conceive. In 2016, £40 million was allocated to 20 sites to establish new or expand current specialist perinatal mental health community services – with a plan for full provision now promised by 2021. A commitment to recognition Claire Murdoch, national mental health director for NHS England said: “Mental ill health doesn’t discriminate. It can happen to anyone at any time and it disrupts life not just for mums but the whole family, which is why we are absolutely committed to driving forward improvements in care and ensuring this important area of mental health continues to get the attention it deserves. “Women with lived in experience can play a pivotal role when it comes to shaping the services for others and influencing how we plan and deliver care effectively as possible. What we are now starting to see is evidence based NHS services growing in parts of the country where there used to be limited or no provision at all.” “Thanks to a continuing investment in services and a concerted effort from dedicated staff up and down the country, we are making huge strides forward and sooner rather than later we will turn England’s specialist perinatal mental health map green.”

Read more at: https://inews.co.uk/inews-lifestyle/women/improved-mental-health-mothers/

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