UK weather: Good Samaritans band together to free ambulance from heavy snow

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Volunteers push emergency vehicle up hill for half-hour before paramedics can drive off.

A group of good samaritans have been praised after spending half an hour pushing a stranded ambulance out from the snow.

Joy Lyons, 39, posted a heartwarming picture of the three residents attempting to free the vehicle.

The mum-of-three told of how they had to push it up a hill for around 30 minutes before the paramedics were able to drive away.

The helpful trio have attracted praise after the picture – which was taken at around 8.30am on Saturday in Ladywood, Birmingham – was shared on Twitter by Ms Lyons.

The full-time mum, of Ladywood, Birmingham, said: “It was so heartwarming to see, I felt as though I just had to share it with people.

“I literally woke up to the sound of wheels screeching, and when I saw them out there trying to push the ambulance, it really put a smile on my face.

“There’s so much bad stuff going on in the world, that it’s really nice to see people going out their way to help others.

“You’d half expect no one to go out there and help, given all the negative stories you hear about bystanders, so this was really nice.

She added: “I cannot praise the ambulance services enough for what they do, and it’s fantastic to see people supporting them.

“I would have gone out myself to help, but I have a severely bad back and have advised not to strain it at all. I was desperate to be out there pushing it too.

“They spent about 20 minutes pushing it up the hill, but then once they got to the top, it got stuck again.

“It took another 10 minutes or so to get it moving again, so it was a fair old time that they were out there.

“I don’t envy them because it was absolutely freezing, but it was a fantastic thing that they did. I just loved it, the whole thing. It’s such a nice selfless thing to do, and it’s nice to see people getting into the Christmas spirit.”


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